Monday, February 11, 2008

Valentine Treats

Okay, here goes......... my first blog showing a project. I had a request for some valentine treats for my friends children for them to take to school. When making 52 items I try to cut cost as much as possible. The following project turned out costing about .65 cents to make. The tins used were ordered from a Party Favor store online costing .38 cents each and measuring 2 inches in diameter and have a clear top lid.

I covered the top and bottom portion of the tin with ribbon using tacky tape. I placed a heart with a rub -on and gems on the top using a pop dot. On the inside of the tin I placed a stamped image from Nicole's PaperTreyink stamps to hide the pop dot from the inside. After trying many, many, many items inside I finally decided I liked the look of the Hershey kisses arranged to look like a flower. This was a very inexpensive project that was quick and easy. I hope the kids at school and daycare enjoy their treats. Sorry about the awkwardness of this layout and photos..... I haven't quite mastered the art of blog posting yet!

Items used: Marvey Scalloped Heart Punch, Quickutz Icing Rub-on (Hearts), PaperTreyink stamps (Sweet Love) Palette Inks (L'Amore Red and Noir Black), Provo Craft Tacky Tape, Paper Studio gems, American Crafts Ribbon and other offray from Hobby Lobby.


Theresa Tyree said...

Beverly, you won the Valentine stamp set on my blog!! WOOOHOOOO!!!!

You need to email me your snaily. Just go on my blog under my profile is my email addy.


Kelsey said...

Hey Beverly! I got the email about the stamps too. If I didn't have to work late, I'd go up there and get a set or 2. I wonder if they ordered plenty, I hope so!

Here's the directions for the candle.
Stamp the image onto a piece of tissue paper. Try and find the paper without the slick side. I find that it works the best. Cut around the image. Doesnt' have to be close to the stamped image, just don't leave alot around the edge. Take a strip of wax paper, with enough to wrap completely around the candle and to give you some to hold on to in the back. Place your stamped tissue paper on the candle and wrap the wax paper around it. Pull it tight in the paper to leave no bumps/bubbles in the wax paper. Use a heat gun, going back and forth over the tissue. You'll see it begin to melt. The color will start to shine. Carefully peel the wax paper away. If it should not all be melted into the candle, place the wax paper back over the candle and heat again. Maybe I'll do a tutorial this week for the candle.
Sorry for the novel!! Anymore questions, just ask! Have a great day! :)

Kelsey said...

Here is my email- That way I won't be leaving you novels as comments!!
Deidra must be mistaken. I didn't have lunch with Nichole yesterday. Although it would be nice! LOL!
I want to get back up there and get my sets. I may be able to swing by on Friday. I'll have to check my work schedule out. I make my own hours, so I'll see if I can be off. It would be great to meet you! Talk to you soon!

Jun Bug House said...

Hi, I found my way here by way of looking at a candle done with stamps.
I saw that you thanked the person that made it, for the instructions.
I was wondering if you could pass those on to me.
I also asked for them but haven't gotten them yet and needed them for Easter and Mothers day!
Thanks if you can help me out.
P.S. I am so sorry you lost your son.
I lost my daddy the same way, you never stop asking "Why, or what could I have done."
Prayers and blessings,

Jun Bug House said...

Never mind......
I got them. LOL