Monday, March 23, 2009

Claire has been at it again......

Claire has been busy and has yet another basket for us to drool over.

Is this not gorgeous ? My understanding is that a template will follow. It will be shared with those on line as well as customers coming into the store.

Speaking of store customers.....Hello to everyone who has stopped in. I am amazed at the amount of people that have stopped in the store and said they saw my blog. Simply stunned. A big HELLO shouted out to everyone. One my my dear friends Julie and her daughter Grace and a friend Gina drove up from Mt. Juliet and surprised me. Their visit really touched my heart that someone would drive that far to see me, Thanks girls. I have also had a lot of local customers as well as from surrounding communities, Clarksville, McEwen, McKinnon, Paris, Murray and I am sure many others. I am so blessed that you all take the time to come visit me. Always know that you are appreciated and welcomed.

Thanks for stopping by Precious Scraps, Bev.


Nicole said...

Claire IS amazing, I have to say! I am the caboose, pulling up the 'showcase' back end of your bloom & grow kits... won't be long!

I hope to come visit you as well! I only have a couple free weekend days left on my calendar from now till June, but am going to try to squeeze you in! Hugs, Nicole

Kelsey said...

Hope you have a great Monday! WOW- Claire's basket is amazing! Just in time for Easter.

Gina said...

Claire's basket is beautiful!

Seeing your store and meeting you in person was worth the drive from Mt. Juliet! I can't wait to visit again.

Anonymous said...

I love the project. Can you please contact me i would like to order some paper to make this project.

Scrapping Julie said...

isnt claire the smartest girl in the world! totally love her stuff. it was awesome meeting you. you are just as beautiful as you are sweet!!! we will be back to the store for sure!