Friday, April 25, 2008

An Award

I am so honored that a friend of mine, Erica, graciously bestowed me with my very first blog award. The Arte y Pico award. Which means Art and More. The idea is to pick 5 other bloggers who are creative and contribute to the blogging community. I am new to the blogging community but enjoy visiting everyone's blogs and getting to know them and their work. Here are a few blogs that I enjoy checking in on:

Judith Novak
Shannan Teubnor
Dawn McVey
Michelle Wooderson
Lisa Stenz

All of these ladies are very talented and have so much to offer on their blogs. Go check out their blogs and say Hi! You are sure to find loads of inspiration! There are so many blogs that I visit so it was very difficult to choose just 5. I love to visit a blog and from their blog list visit some of their favorites. Take you time and check out these blogs and many more. Thank you again, Erica for this honor.