Thursday, June 19, 2008

My Scrap Space or Spaces

I have been wanting to post some photos of my scrap space but wanted to wait until it was completely organized. Well, that day, I have decided, is not going to happen. I will get one part organized and then I will mess up another area. I am already working on Christmas orders so I see no end in sight to stop and clean so here it is.......mess and all........
Room 1 (12x14)

1. Walking into my main craft area. My DH ripped up the carpet and installed hard wood floors, installed shelving, wooden blinds, lighting, counter tops, etc... He is sooooo good to me !

2. A closer look at my Island. My DH and I built this from an idea I had. We bought three separate units at Wal-Mart; a 4-cubed unit, a unit with a drawer and 2 cabinet doors, and a unit with 3 long drawers. I put them all together and flipped them upside down and anchored them together from the bottom with 2x4's. I installed 4 coasters so I could push it around the room depending on what I am doing. I then bought a piece of counter top and secured it to the top. Shazamm - an island.

3. A closer look at the top of my island. I try to protect the top when I am making frames and such with 22x34 quilting mat. Please excuse the mess, I was working on some frames this particular night.

4. Counter top work station with 23x17 Making Memories Mat. I have the capability to have 3 of these stations on this L-shaped counter top. I mounted it onto 4 rolling file cabinets and a bracket across the back against the wall. It measure 10 ft long with the L being 5 ft. I have 2 rolling office chairs that glide across the room. When my nephew who is 3 comes over, we race around the island in these, it's great to be a kid sometimes.

5. I wanted to separate my stickers from my rub-ons but ran out of room so I hung 2 curtain rods on the end of my island where 2 unit sides came together and hung my rub-ons by book rings. Sticker storage will be shown later on another post.

6. These are 2 book shelves as you enter the room. I used to have my 12x12 paper stored here but I am in the process of moving it to Room 2 (coming up ). Click on the photo to enlarge it and notice the old hat boxes on top, I love the look of them with my Comstock chipboard letter boxes from We are Memory Keepers. I also have 3 sets of drawers that have my stamping blocks, embossing powders, flock, etc. On the other side I have 6 clear boxes that holds my transparency's, titles, chipboard and die cuts from MME. There is a lot more stored on these shelves but I will be moving it all shortly into my other room.

7. My beloved PTI Shelf. Notice I am running out of room and getting ready to expand down a shelf when I finish moving my other paper. I put my ribbon on a tension rod above my paper so everything is easily accessible. The blue box holds my extra rolls of ribbon, inks, etc.

8. These are 6 CD shelfs from Big Lots. My ceilings are slanted so I like the extra height I gained by stacking 2. I store my Prima flowers, 6x6 and 4x6 paper pads, 7 Gypsies albums and other craft kits here. It is just the right size so that my closet door opens. You will have to stay tuned to see what is behind the closet.

9. This is behind the entry door to the room. I have a rack used in pantries where I house my Marvey punches and PTI stamps in their CD case. On the wall I have a rack that houses blank mini scrapbooks and kits as well as a little of everything else.

10. This is more ribbon stored on tension rods hung between the wall and the end of a entertainment center. It is neglected of late thanks to Nichole's beautiful ribbon selection.

11. I stole this from my DH's garage. I store my large brads, buttons, embellishments, etc. in here.

12. This is a spice rack attached to my peg board where I store my mini buttons and other attachments and a wooden crate where I store my ink pads. This is right above my work area so everything is within reach.

13. This is my son's old entertainment center that holds a little bit of everything. I use the large drawer to hold my wood mounted stamps ( that haven't been touched in over a year ), I use the TV area for my 4 white boxes from Target (similar to cropper hopper storage cubes). I have scrap paper, blank cards, various tools, punch strips for my Quickutz, these units. The sides of the unit still houses some 12x12 paper kits, magazines and such.

Room 2 (10x12)

My DH again, remove the carpet, painted, and installed hard wood flooring for me ( I didn't even have to ask he just offered one day and did it all in a weekend).

14. One side of my paper racks. This is the 2nd best find of my life ( in terms of scrapbooking). I purchased these from a store that was moving and changing out their storage system. I received such a good bargain that I loaded my moms Escape with all that would fit, 6 total, and was tempted to go back for more. This is where I am in the process of moving all of my 12x2 paper to from the other room. This will make Room 1 looked less cluttered I hope.

15. The other side of my racks, there are 3 across and stacked 2 high. Five of the racks are for 12x12 and one for 8 1/2 x 11. I use the far corner rack for colored cardstock.

16. This is my BEST find! Again, it was a discard from another LSS that I was able to rescue, clean up and put to good use. I store all of my MME (My Mind's Eye) collection here. ( Don't forget I still have a few kits for sell, scroll down to previous post) . My DH came to my rescue again and helped me remove all the plastic holder and wash, dry and re-hang all 64 of them.

17. This was my first shelf unit when I stated scrapbooking. I have just purchased more Cubes from Target and Photo Boxes form Hobby Lobby and am in the process of moving some of my things from Room 1. Again, I am trying to achieve a less cluttered space. Yes, that is more ribbon (from QVC) that is waiting to be given it's proper home.

18. My son helped "set me up" with an awesome new computer and printer recently so I moved my old printer/copier in here next to the filing cabinet. My husband can now make copies without changing any of the settings or paper in my main printer. Next to it is 2 small racks that hold my Christmas Paper. I sell a lot of Christmas items and get started early therefore I like to keep this out year round and easily accessible.

That's it for now, hope you enjoyed the tour. When I get the rest a little more organized I'll be back with more...... peg boards, tool storage, overstock supplies, stickers, computer area, etc..............and yes, I know I have issues and have just a "slight" addiction to craft supplies. My life long dream is to open a store in my hometown some day; for now, I sell out of my home, at shows, parties, and some on the internet so I consider this a prelude to my dream. Please feel free to leave a comment or question about your favorite part or just to say hi and you enjoyed the tour.


Monica said...

Oh WOW! Your a super luck lady! I'm so envious! If only I had near as much as you or even my own room! LoL
Nice pics!!


Charlene Austin (Willow01) said...

Oh My Gosh! I absolutely loved the tour!!! Thanks for sharing!! Your paper storage is to die for!

Jak said...

Oh wow it all looks brilliant, i'd be like a kid in a sweet shop if I was let loose in there.
Loved having a good look around.

Anonymous said...

Beverly LOVE your space!!! I also showed it to my DH so he knew that someone out there actually does have more goodies than I do!! :-) Love the PTI shelf -- think I might need to get one of those for myself!! Thanks for sharing!!

IamDerby said...

wow beverly awesome rooms!!! I am so jealous.... I have a mere corner in my living room...that keeps exploding outwards...LOL. Your room is amazing

Niki Estes said...

Wow, Bev!! Loved the tour and you have such an amazing space! Love the island and all your storage shelves and that rack for your MME stuff! What a sweet hubby you have to do all that work on the floors!!

Claire Brennan said...

oh my goodness - i dream of a space like that - and you are so organised!!

One Creative Life said...

Wow Beverly what a room! Looks like a happy place to be. Thanks for taking us on a tour!~Erica

Stephanie said...

Thanks for the tour Bev! I love to see where other people create their magic. It looks like you have lots of way fun stuff to play with. I think my favorite thing you have is your island. So functional, practical, and cool! I would love to have your handyman DH at my house for the weekend!;) Thanks again for sharing!

Deanna said...

Holy crap... I didn't know you owned a scrapbooking store! :)

sarita said...

thanks for the tour! love all of the ribbon! i'm a sucker for pretty ribbon! can't wait to see MORE!

Anonymous said...

love your space! Thanks for the tour...

Betsy said...

Beverly! This is simply fantastic! You are one lucky gal and that's just so wonderful for you! I love your space and your organizational skills, not to even mention your fantastic work!

I will be're in my bookmarks, now!


Anonymous said...