Tuesday, June 10, 2008

RAK's, Flowers and a Card

I know this is a long post but please be patient, I have a lot of updating to do:

FIRST, let me start by apologizing for not saying thank you and posting the following RAK cards sooner. I have been very busy with the My Mind's Eye merchandise coming in. Sit back and enjoy the photos:

This was from my blog candy winner, Sandy Dayhoff. She said she saw the idea for the card on Dawn McVey's blog and Sandy actually used some of her winning kit for the stripe across the top of the card. Thanks, Sandy.

I received this card from Carrie Bohrer (Craft Crazy Carrie). I love the colors, brown and blue and my favorite. The coordination of this card was wonderful, the inside and the envelope were both inked and/or stamped to match. Carrie said the design for the card was from her Craft Crazy Sister Suzanne. Great Job !

I LOVE this card that I received from Katherine (Katie) Renz from My Paper Haven. I actually saw this card in the gallery and really admired it then to actually receive one put me on top of the world. The photo here and in the gallery does not do this card justice. The embossing on the Kraft cardstock is amazing and the color of yellow and pink with the Kraft is beautiful. The card is scored across the top and bottom of the front of the card. I am so going to CASE this card so I hope you don't mind Katie.

This is a Thank You card I received from my friend Niki Estes at mypapercreations.blogspot.com I so admire those brave enough to create their own pattered paper. This is a very cheerful card that added a bright spot to my day.

NEXT - A card I made. This was made for a friend of mine, Farrah, to send to her husband who has just returned to Iraq. He had just been home for 14 days to see his new darling daughter Colie Jean. She was born while he was in Iraq. The photo was taken the day he had to return and was at the airport saying goodbye. Farrah ask for me to make a Father's Day Card to send and I couldn't wait to break out my PapertreyInk Father Knows Best stamp set as well as to use my new PTI Kraft cardstock. I wanted something very personal from Colie so I decided to use a photo. I think he will love the card and can show off the photo to his pals.

(the photo is not very good quality so I will tell you the sentiment stamps I used were the "Happy FATHER'S DAY" and at the bottom of the card "you are my HERO", the inside sentiment was "any man can be a FATHER it takes someone special to be a DAD". )

And LAST just a few photos of my Lily's. The first photo is of the Lily's that my Dad started at their house and were a vibrant orange. Yes, I said orange. After his passing my mother separated them and gave all the kids some cuttings. Up until last year they always bloomed orange in my flower bed but this year to my surprise they bloomed yellow. The crimson red are 1 year old. I am beginning to wonder if Lily's are like hydrangea's and change color according to the soil content. If you have an answer to that please leave a comment. Anyway, just thought I would share some of my photo's, enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Love that card you made.
And those flowers are gorgeous. AND great RAK's.

Anonymous said...

gorgeous cards!

Puyallup flowers

Katie Renz said...


I'm glad that all the cards made your day! Your post today is fabulous and I love the card you made for your friend - I'm sure it will be very meaningful for "dad". And the flowers are beautiful!

Niki Estes said...

Still love your card, Bev! And your lilies are gorgeous! Lilies are one of my favorite flowers though I don't have any in my garden. I love the dark red ones. Have a great week!!

Monica said...

Aww This is sp percious!! I truly enjoy seeing these kinda cards! What a Blessed friend!