Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Thank you to everyone who participated in the blog candy contest. There were some awesome comments, some that made me smile and a couple that brought tears to my eyes and melted my heart. The winner by random selection is comment # 27 :

bobbiesue32 :

Great news - how wonderful! What made me smile today was my grandson's big smile when he came in the door this morning!
Sandy Kay

Congratulations Sandy Kay. Email your address to me at: www.preciousscraps@bellsouth.net with "blog candy winner" in the subject line so that I can send out you winnings.

Thanks again for everyone's wonderful comments and.......keep finding reasons to smile. Check back next month for more yummy candy.

~ Beverly


bobbiesue32 said...

Beverly, I emailed you but it came back undeliverable. Not sure what to do now.
Thank you
Sandy Kay

bobbiesue32 said...

PS. I sent it again without the www for the email.

Deanna said...

Hey Bev... pop over to my blog, I gave you a little blog award! :)