Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Your opinions wanted..........at least some of them

I am getting ready to start my online store and in the concept phase I would like to hear from you. I have been perusing a lot of other store sites and gathering information. I would like to here your opinion on what you like about your favorite store or what you would like to see in an online store. Your comments can be regarding S/H fees, availability, wish list, photos of merchandise, etc. I want to have a very customer oriented store so I want you to have a say in how it is set up. Please leave your comments below, you never know what your opinion could be worth................. If you don't want to leave a comment here, feel free to email me (put online store in the subject line). Thanks for your help.


Monica said...

Ooooh Bev,
I will be watching this to see what everyone says!
Though I already gave a cpl opinions I would say Best Prices and Low Shipping always catch me oh and availablility for sure! The more the better!

Hope Your Having a Good Week?!

Claire Brennan said...

Hi Beverly - I'm so excited, i'd no idea you were working on this - my one thing that i would love would be if you could send stuff in a global priority International envelope - they are around $12 flat rate so you can stuff as much as you want into them - of course you have to fill in the customs and stick it on the outside BUT, cos the parcel is small they rarely get stopped by customs!!!!!!

The drawback is they aren't insured so they won't be suitable for everyone. anyhow really good luck with your venture - i look forward to shopping with you - Oh can i put a link to your store on my blog??

Mary K said...

How exciting Beverly!

There are a few things that draw me to a webstore:

-clear photos/descriptions of the products
-monthly specials or even just highlighting a product every month w/no discount, but with good tips/tricks/techniques
-good shipping rates (some stores are so expensive that it makes it not cost effective)
-good customer service (I don't see you having a problem in that department.) :-)

Good luck with everything. Keep us updated.

Kacey Elliott said...

Can't wait Beverly! What I like to see in an on-line store are good sales and great shipping. Shipping discounts, like free shipping on order over $25 or $30 or something like that. I love the wishlist feature and like if I can fill my cart after I log-in and then come back later to add things without losing what I already picked earlier - KWIM? I also like to have the ability to click on a photo to get more detail. If you have patterned paper packs (variety packs) - showing all patterns up front is helpful, then I don't have to hunt down the manufacturer site to see what they look like. One thing that is pretty important to me is a fast site too; if it takes forever to wait for a page to load, I am more apt to forget about it - time is "precious" around here :-) Anymore opinions needed, I am full of them!!! Best of Luck!

Jennifer Holmes said...

Hi, Beverly -
I agree with the others, especially on the shipping discounts. That always gets me to spend a little more so that I can get free shipping. Also, I love being able to add things in my shopping cart without going away from the current page. This allows me to continue shopping on the same page without having to find where I left off. A good example of this is Two Peas. I also think having a gallery with examples on how the product can be used is really key. It gets people inspired to try the product out for themselves. Good luck on this, can't wait to see what you'll have "in store."

KATY826 said...

I am with everyone else on the shipping, but a key thing for me when shopping online, is that you put everything together in one category, not by the company. Take for example, patterned paper.. I like to look at all of it, and see what you have to offer. Not go one by one through each company! It's a pain and often steers me away from the sites that do that..

IamDerby said...

I like deals on shipping....like 50bucks or more and the shipping is free...for some reason I hate paying shipping LOL. I think good pictures of your stuff is totally necessary and it needs to be easy to look at the picture and then go right back to where you were, kwim? I rarely buy paper on line but when I do its hard to find stuff or stuff packaged together (like a kit). I am so excited for you Bev!

Anonymous said...

First of all YAY YOU!
About the store... my best advise... try to find a few new items that everyone else doesn't carry. It sometimes feels very STEPFORD in this stampin world... so many people have stores.
Carry some recycled papers and some European brands... mix it up a bit. Or just mix it up with non european/recycled stuff. We'll talk offline. Hugs
Fair shipping is good.
Great CS is a must.
Honest, fair prices and great products... Clear pictures and all the rest of what everyone said.
I am extremely excited for you!

Heidi said...

I don't have anything else to offer you but I wanted to say YEAH!!!! This is so exciting!!

Amy Kelley said...

Definitely offer great shipping charges. Like All That Scraps only charges $2!! And, PTI had free shipping with orders over $50! I love that.

A great wishlist that you can acutally purchase from. For example, I have a long wish list but I only want to order certain items off that list at any given time. An easy "add to cart" or "buy now" button from your wishlist would be awesome!

Plenty of stock....nothing ticks me off more as when I finally find what I want only to see that it is unavailable. Ugh!

And, your kits...I love them! Have plenty of variety in those as well as holiday kits, baby kits, etc.

That's about all I can think of for now. Can't wait to see your store!!!!!

Amy Kelley said...

Hi Bev ~

I thought of something else I'd love to see you offer. How about card kits - something similar to your MME paper kits - basically a kit that has all the goodies one would need to make cards - cardstock, patter paper, ribbon, rhinestones, buttons, etc. It may even be neat to pre-cut and score the cardstock for your customers. Just a thought!

IamDerby said...

Hi Beverly! I have an award for you....stop over at my blog and pick it up if you want to play. No pressure!

Katie Renz said...

Ok Bev,

I read all the other comments and agree with them.

My big thing is free shipping or actual shipping. I know sometimes it can be a pain, but I know that if people pay with paypal you can do actual shipping versus always a flat rate. There are times that I just want one stamp set or whatever, but don't want to pay $5 to ship it when it could be shipped for under $2. Plus, paypal offers delivery confirmation with less weight items. It could be one of those, I can offer this if you pay with this etc.

Alrighty, didn't mean to get so wordy (hehe) Good luck and can't wait :)