Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Friends come first.......

I am so far behind in my post I could not decide where to start. I have RAK's, Thank You's and Special Gifts as well as new merchandise to tell you about. After thinking about it for a minute I decided to start with the most important, the cards and gifts from friends. Don't get me wrong, I am very excited about the store and I most definitely want it to be successful but without my friends I would not be able to do any of this, nor would I want to. I have the most amazing friends in the world. I had a REALLY bad week at the office last week and was feeling a little overwhelmed and like I did not have a friend in the world.........until I got home. I had two packages waiting for me. I immediately realized even though I was feeling a little left out at the office I had friends all over the world. I simply sat in the floor and cried because my heart was so overwhelmed by this new realization of how blessed I actually am. I cannot begin to put into words how much I enjoy receiving your cards and special tokens, I cherish each and everyone of them. They will all be displayed in the store when it opens in a special section I have designed called "Friends of Precious Scraps".

First up is a package I received from my dear friend Claire in Ireland. She has such amazing talent and the biggest heart of anyone I have ever met. I met Claire, as well as the other gals that will be featured here, through Papertrey Ink. I had never been on a forum until Papertrey Ink came along and I am so thankful for this opportunity. I love the forum for its amazing suggestions, ideas, support and chatter but more so because of the bonds I have made with so many of the members. These girls are like family and mean the world to me. Anyway, back to Claire, she sent me a beautiful framed picture that she drew and water colored herself.

Isn't this stunning. When I sent Claire a message of gratitude she asked me if I noticed that the gate was open in the drawing and said this was to let me know that I was always welcomed in her home if I were ever able to go to Ireland. Needless to say, I cried some more. This "Claire" original will be hanging in the store for everyone to see. Below is a closer look at the card that accompanied the artwork. I love it as much as the art. I hope to one day be able to meet Claire in person.

The vellum embossed paper on the front is stunning and the message on the
inside would melt your heart, it did mine.

As I said, I received 2 packages that day, the other package was from Jak from the U.K. I receive this beautiful card as well as some goodies.

I had ask if anyone had any recommendations for "bling" merchandise for the store. Jak sent me the most spectacular array of jewels in every color and size imaginable from this company in the UK. Jak is so creative and does wonderful flower work on her cards. If you have a minute pop on over to her blog and check it out. She also sent me some stickers that when stacked make beautiful snowflakes embellishments. She even included the pop dots for me, isn't she wonderful.

Next up is a RAK I received and regrettably forgot to acknowledge from a dear friend and talented lady named Pam (prhansen) . Pam (who I hope will forgive me) has the cutest avatar on the PapertreyInk forum. We all enjoy her dancing moves every chance we get. She has an incredible blog so be sure to click on the link above and check out her work. Pam sent me a note of well wishes for the store which deeply touched my heart.

I love the color selection she used, red and gray, and her amazing
stamping ability is unbelievable. Thank you Pam.

I received a couple of cards from my friend Katie Renz. Katie recently won blog candy here at Precious Scraps and sent a thank you note as well as a note for some other merchandise she received. Both cards reflect her talent. Her cards show so much character and thought. Sometimes, my cards are just plain and flat, I love the way Katie adds depth and style to her cards. She is another amazingly talented friend I am forever grateful of meeting.

See what I mean, isn't she talented. Be sure to check out her blog here.

I will be back later this evening, time permitting with an update on some new products I have received for the store as well as some projects that I have been working on with my friend Monica. She has been such a trooper helping me prepare for the Relay for Life Craft Bazaar. She puts up with me and never complains. Thanks Monica. See you guys later.......I hope....


Regan said...

You lucky girl- those are all beautiful!!!!

God luck in the relay!

Monica said...

Yeah Beverly!!
You so deserve all them RAKs too!

And Thank YOU too for puttin up with ME! LMBO I enjoy every moment I get to meet up with you! Your such a BLAST to be around!!!


Katie Renz said...

You deserve them all Beverly! Make sure you share all your wonderful creations that you make for your craft fair. I for one would love to see and hope for great success.

IamDerby said...

Those are gorgeous! Wonderful presents, cards and friends.

Jak said...

Awe shucks Bev it was such a pleasure to send them to you and it was obviously meant to be that it arrived when you needed it most. It sounds like you have a very busy time ahead of you, if I can help in any way just shout & I'll do what I can.

Claire Brennan said...

Beverly - I can't think of anyone who deserves it more - you are truly a genuine and warm friend - peeps like you are rare today!! God luck with all your chores - like Jak says shout if there's anything we can do.

Jennifer Holmes said...

What wonderful gifts, and what wonderful things you've shared with us all. I've missed you on the PTI forum!

By the way, I've tagged you. You can see the details on my blog: