Monday, January 26, 2009

Design Team Search.....

Precious Scraps is looking for Design Team members ! I am looking for 4 members, plus one international to serve on a Design team for the new store. Below are all the details. The design team will be selected by February 20th and announced on March 1st so hurry and get your projects in.

Design Team

Precious Scraps is looking for design team members for our new 3000 square foot retail store. We will have two separate design teams, one locally for in store assistance with class development and instruction as well as a design team for online. I will have 1 (one) international member. If you have a passion for creativity, then we want you on our team. You can choose to create in the area of expertise where you feel comfortable, for example not everyone will be required to do a scrapbook page, a card, an alterable, etc., but of course you can do it all as well.

Here are the online design team requirements: (4 positions as well as 1 International) :

1. Each month you will have 3 (three) required submissions.

2. Each design team member will be required to write (2) two tutorials for Precious Scraps during their term to be used in a class or online setting.

3. You must submit your projects online with the understanding that they may be reproduced for in-store samples as well. You must also link your project to Precious Scraps website.

4. Whenever you use products from Precious Scraps you must link them to the store.

5. You must have a blog to showcase your work. All work submitted to Precious Scraps becomes the property of Precious Scraps.

6. Terms will be for 6 months from March 1, 2009 to August 31, 2009. Precious Scraps reserves the right to end your term at any time if responsibilities and/or privileges are neglected or abused.

Here are the design team requirements for local design team: (4 positions) :

1. Each month you will be required 3 (three) submissions.

2. Each design team member will be required to write 2 (two) tutorials for Precious Scraps during their term to be used in a class or online setting.

3. You must submit your projects in person and be able to provide instruction for reproduction.

4. Whenever you use products from Precious Scraps you must give credit to Precious Scraps and if used online you must link to Precious Scraps website.

5. You must be present at 1 (one) store event, i.e. classes, crops, special sales, etc every 2 months (but more would be appreciated).

6. Terms will be for 6 months from March 1, 2009August 31, 2009. Precious Scraps reserves the right to end your term at any time if responsibilities and/or privileges are neglected or abused.

Here is what you get in return:

1. 25% off ALL purchases at Precious Scraps unless sale price is less.

2. A one time $25 gift certificate to Precious Scraps.

3. If your submission is selected for a class you will be paid $15 or receive a store credit of $15, your choice.

4. Free product kits monthly to be used in your submissions.

To apply just email a link to three samples of your work, your name, your address and blog URL to be sure to write DESIGN TEAM SUBMISSION in the subject line. For local design team submit your projects to the store during regular business hours. You may submit cards, pages, alterable, or one of each, it is your choice to showcase your talent in the area you enjoy. The chosen design team will be notified by February 20th with the announcement being made on March 1st on the Precious Scraps blog and in the store.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Store Update, a Card and friends ..........

Notice anything ??? My drop ceiling and lights are done !! YIPPEE ! Right now the electric is running off my temporary pole but we PASSED inspection today and so the electric company will make the final connection on Friday morning. Then my HEAT and Air can be turned on. Leaning against the wall is the slat board waiting to be installed. We are going to clean the floor and put another seal coat on it and then the base molding goes down.

Larry and I spent all day Sunday measuring and marking out for the slat wall installation. I could not decide where on the wall I wanted this piece without envisioning my checkout counter so I took some extra pieces of ceiling grid and marked it out to decide where it would be then centered my board over the back counter. My husband thought this was hilarious because when he needed me I would walk to the end and go out as if the counter were really there. I am the one though that hands newspaper on the wall to decide where to hand pictures before I put nails in the wall. This is the back left wall near where the classroom will be. There of 4 pieces of slat wall here. We still have to trim it out around the edges and I have some touch up to do since these were purchased second hand.
This is coming in the front door and to the right. (The left hand wall mirrors this one)

We finally had the bathroom fixtures installed today as well. We still have a lot of work to do in here but I am excited to see things moving. We still have to install the handicap rails and the mirror. Then I have to put all the "dress up" things in here. Again the base molding have to be installed after we seal the floor again.

I had this installed in the back storage area for washing out paint brushes, mops and such. I think I will get a lot of use out of this area.

Just one of the many boxes taking over my living room. This is a new shipment of Stickles (Distressed and Glitz) and embossing powders from Ranger.

And finally, a card ! I have recived so much and haven't had time to play with any of it. My dear friend Monica came down last weekend and we played with some of the new nesties. I made this card with the curved rectangles, some PTI cardstock, Cosmo Cricket Chemistry paper, Theresa Collins Crush Chipboard and Martha Stewart ribbon. Those are only a few of the things laying around in some of the boxes.

Since I a mentioned Monica above I would like to take this opportunity to say a public Thank You to her. Not only has she become my best friend whom I will cherish forever but she has given so much of her time to help me to achieve my dream. She drives over 30 miles every other weekend to spend a Saturday or Sunday with me and helps me with anything I need. She allows me to boss her around and puts up with anything and everything I throw her way. Just last weekend she helped Larry and I move all this slat board up to the store. She has helped me to get orders completed, brainstormed with me and so much more. Even though we are "ages" apart (haha) we seemed to have known one another for years and conversation flows so freely. I love this girl to death and am so blessed that our lives crossed paths. I do not know if I would have made it thorugh all this construction and such with out her shoulder to lean and cry on. She is a true friend, a priceless asset in my life. I love her kids, they call Larry and I "grandpa and grandma" (I told you there are "ages" between us) and her husband is tops for watching the kids and giving us out "play dates". Monica is a very talented young lady but is very shy about this. She will go far in life because she is so genuine, what you see is what you get. Thank you Monica, my best friend, for always being there for me and for being a part of my life.

" To the world you may be just one person, but to one person you may be the world"

I have met so many wonderful people that have entered my life and who give me constant support and encouragement, Niki, Katy, Mary, Alice, Julie, Beth, Michele, Kacey, Tracy, Claire, Wanda and many many more. I can never begin to repay you for your kindness and friendship but know that I will cherich you forever. If I missed or left out someones name, know that it was not intentional but due to a lack of sleep.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Just a quick update........

Just thought I would jump on and give you guys a quick update on the store's progress. We now have walls with drywall and paint (I now know I never want a career as a painter), doors, and a ceiling grid with most of the lights. The colors in the photos of the walls does not show up as it's true color. To me, it looks a little yellow in the photos but it actually more of a tan/beige.

This is from the back of the store looking toward the front door. I have a custom made check out counter on order that is 12ft long on both the back and front with a "U" connector than is 9 ft. I know what your are thinking, HUGE, but I am hoping that the space will eventually be needed to expand to one or two more check out areas. I can dream can't I ?
This is from the front looking toward the right hand corner of the back. The door to the far right is the back store for an emergency exit and where shipments will be delivered. The first door moving around to the left is the restroom, completely handicap accessible, and the last door far left is to the storage/office area. I if 15 ft by 40 foot. You can tell a little about my stained concrete floor. It is not finished yet, still needing another coat or two of sealer. It took 3 days to put a coat pd primer and two coats of paint on all the walls.

This is the bathroom door, still needing the hardware installed. The door color was color matched to the outside of the building as well as the barn red trim to the trim outside. Again the walls are showing up a little yellow when they are the same family and the door color.
Oh, and did you notice, I have light and electric outlets now, installed just today. Thought this might give you a better look at the colors but again, showing a little yellow. I think it might have been the flash too.
We also had the grid for the drop ceiling installed today as well as the lights. We are hoping to have them wired tomorrow and get an electrical inspection on Thursday. I am really pushing the crew now, telling them I will throw a HUGE tantrum if they do not get me opened by February 1st. I have soooo much Valentine merchandise I HAVE to get open.

I have had a lot of emails about the status of the online store. is going slower than the store which I never thought would be possible. I never knew there was so much involved in having a shopping cart on the internet. I am still working on this but every time I turn around there is another hurdle to jump through. I have purchased my domain name,, but from there I am just lost. I have talked with so many people, I am going on circles. Any help from you guys would be greatly appreciated. I will take all of the advice I can get. Also, in the meantime, if there is anything on the blog that you want to purchase just send me an email and I will be happy to work with you that way until the internet store is up and running. Say a prayer for us as we are working so hard and getting so close..............

I am going to close with an adorable photo of my great nephew that my son took over the holidays. He received this camo recliner from Santa because he was with Granpa when he purchased one (not camo) and had a fit for one just like Grandpa's. We got tickled because later in the day he went out to play and took his recliner with him. So this was at my mom's house on Christmas Day out in the front yard. Hope you have enjoyed the update and I will keep you posted.