Saturday, December 7, 2013

December starting off icy and cold.. brrrrr

Good Morning .  Its in the low twenties here in Dover and everything is covered with ice.  This includes my drive way and the drive way up to the store.  We had to closed yesterday and it looks like the same for today.  I was hoping the sun would come out and melt the ice off my drive so I could get down the hill and to the store but its still cloudy.   I thought I could take this opportunity to update the blog.  

I am sorry that the blog is not updated properly and more frequent.  We now have a FACEBOOK group and its seems so much easier to update there.  My hope is to one day find that special someone who thinks like me that can keep the blog updated for me.... my dream come true. Until then, I promise to do my best but encourage you to visit our Facebook group if you have the chance. 

I will post the December schedule at the end of this post but will first let you know whats been happening at the store. We are constantly busy adding new merchandise almost on a daily bases.  This means we are having some great sales on current stock to make room for new so be sure to stop in.

Have you seen the new Pop-n-Cut dies from Sizzix?  Sabrina from The Collins Group was kind enough to come teach a class showing off these new dies.  We still have samples of the cards on display in the store and we have reordered all of the dies used.  They should be in within another week or so.  Take a look..

Stop in and check them out if you get a chance.  As I said, all dies involved in each of these cards will be back in stock next week at the latest.  We also have those wonderful NEW Magnetic Platforms for the Big Shot?  They make cutting so much easier.  I will be happy to let you try mine out in the store before you make your purchase.  This is a must have for Big Shot users.  I also ordered the new Flip-It dies.  You are going to love these as well... watch this short video

Look for a class coming soon featuring these dies.

Speaking of classes we have a fun fresh idea for our Everyday Card Class for 2014.  We will be choosing a new TECHNIQUE to feature in each class.  All cards will be showing a form of the technique.  A new technique will be showcased for each class.  Be sure to watch the calendar for more information.  

Be sure to check out the new hours for 2014 at the bottom of the calendar below.  All Sunday classes will be moved to Saturday.  Be sure to check for time changes and such.  I apologize for the inconvenience this may cause some but this is something I feel I must do.  I now work 7 days a week and need a day off.  Larry (my husband) and I have found a wonderful church that we have become involved in and hope to spend our Sundays there as well as affording us a little more time with each other and our family.  I hope you understand. 

If you need additional information about any of the classes or activities above please do not hesitate to contact us.  We would love to have you join us.