Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Photos from PTI Booth at CHA......

Hey Ladies.......I have 473 photos to post! I was so overwhelmed at my first CHA event I about had heart failure. And, they tell me this show was only about a fourth of what the show usually is. There was over 1700 exhibitors at the Trade Show and my DH and I stopped at every booth. The consumer show was awesome, well at least the PTI Booth was, that was the only one I went to. It was so crowded in that showroom. It took me quite some time to go through the PTI booth and after that and the previous trade show experience I was ready to head back to Tennessee, we were exhausted.

I will be back with Trade Show photos as well as some samples from workshops we took. I want to start out with the photos from the consumer portion of the show and the PTI gang. So hold one to your seats, here we go........

This one is for Niki. I told here I was going to look for traces of her at the show since she couldn't attend. Nichole had made this display up with a quote from the design team as well as a sample card from each person. I missed you Niki, you are definitely going next year!

I spotted Nichole the minute I walked in the door. She and Dawn was at the entrance to the PTI booth greeting everyone. I stood in line and listened to ladies talk about not ever having heard of PTI (I didn't know such people existed, lol)but it (PTI) must be good since there was such a long line and that "that lady" must be famous because everyone wanted the picture taken with her. I, of course, gave them a crash course in PTI, their products and Nichole. They said I "must be a major fan of PTI", to which I replied proudly the "I am!" These ladies proceeded into the booth in front of me as well and asked for suggestions along the way, needless to say, I think they spent more than intended since I insisted they "had to try" this or that.

Let me take a minute to say that I also got to me Julie and Jane, Co-Owners of PTI along with Nichole. Also, Nichole's husband (David) and I am assuming Julie's hubby (JD Haskemp, forgive me if I am wrong)worked very hard keeping the booth fully stocked. And my, oh my, what "eye candy". Forgive me Nichole and Julie, but it just had to be said. We women enjoyed the "stock boys" you had working. lol

I just love Dawn. She is so kind. She constantly had a smile on her face. She has the most amazing talent. I wish I had a tenth of it.

Heather and Michelle with Me at the Show, thanks girls for the photo op! I told Mish that I had the card from the Quilters Set on my Screen Saver. I think she thought I was some strange stalker. lol

Here is Heather and Michelle (Mish) at the Make-n-Take table outside of the booth. These girls were working hard. Debbie was also there but I seemed to have missed her in the picture. Sorry Debbie.

Me and "The" Ashley Newell. I recognized this lady right off. She is beautiful, talented and so sweet! Don't forget our discussion Ashley about coming to Tennessee.

Just behind me in the booth was Julie Masse. When I ask if I could have my photo with her she said "Who ? Me?" She must not realize what a large fan base she has and that I admire her work as well as her obvious faith greatly. She was so friendly as we chatted throughout the booth.

This is Taylor Van Bruggen from Taylored Expressions. I snapped this picture as she was talking to Nichole and Dawn. I recognized her right away. She was there with the SplitCoast Stampers Booth.

The rest of these are photos of the samples in the booth as well as the new PTI T-Shirts!

I will "attempt" to be back tomorrow with more photos from the Trade Show that will give you a sneak peek into what's to come. Thanks for stopping by Precious Scraps, Bev