Tuesday, March 24, 2009

It is Nicole's turn...........

Nicole has posted a beautiful card on her blog using the MME Bloom and Grow kit and will be posting another later. Be sure to check them out. I had a sneak peak at the second card and you don't want to miss it so be sure to check back on Nicole's blog. I am in the process of choosing what to send to the designers next but with so much merchandise coming in the store everyday it is hard to choose. If you have something in mind leave me a comment. Have a wonderful day and thanks for stopping by Precious Scraps, Bev

Monday, March 23, 2009

Claire has been at it again......

Claire has been busy and has yet another basket for us to drool over.

Is this not gorgeous ? My understanding is that a template will follow. It will be shared with those on line as well as customers coming into the store.

Speaking of store customers.....Hello to everyone who has stopped in. I am amazed at the amount of people that have stopped in the store and said they saw my blog. Simply stunned. A big HELLO shouted out to everyone. One my my dear friends Julie and her daughter Grace and a friend Gina drove up from Mt. Juliet and surprised me. Their visit really touched my heart that someone would drive that far to see me, Thanks girls. I have also had a lot of local customers as well as from surrounding communities, Clarksville, McEwen, McKinnon, Paris, Murray and I am sure many others. I am so blessed that you all take the time to come visit me. Always know that you are appreciated and welcomed.

Thanks for stopping by Precious Scraps, Bev.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

More Design Team Post and Memory Box...

Claire, Tammi, and Niki all have post on their blogs using the My Mind's Eye Bloom and Grow kit. Please be sure to stop by their blogs (links are in the sidebar on the left hand side) and visit and leave a comment to let them know you appreciate their projects. I am simply in awe of the design teams submissions for this round and cannot wait to get some more kits out to them and get them started on their next projects.

I have had numerous request about the Memory Box products I am carrying. I am going to show the 6x6 and the 12x12 that I currently have in stock. The 6x6 kits are $4.99 and have 3 sheets of 1o pattern papers per pack. The 12x12 sells for $ .89 per sheet.

Glitterati Fernbrae Butterfield Brandywine Sweetbay Sugardrop Rhubarb Poppyfinch Spout Gindercake Twiggy

I also have a selection of papers in 12x12 format but keep getting interrupted trying to post the photos. I will try again this evening. Sorry but life sometimes has a way of getting in the way of itself. We have had several power outages due to construction and I keep loosing my post so I am going to quit trying. I will post the 12x12 either tonight or tomorrow. Thanks for your patience. I hope you enjoy looking at the Memory Box 6x6 selections as well as more of the design teams post. Thanks for stopping by Precious Scraps. Bev

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

More design team post

When it rains, it pours. The design team has been hard at work and it shows. I just received notice from Tammi that she posted a couple of page layouts to her blog. Be sure to go check them out. She also used some of the page pebbles that I showed in the previous blog, don't you just love them? Send me a message if you want to order some. If you click on the photos of the pebbles (in my post below) you can see the names and details of the colors a little better. Have a great day.......

Design Team Projects

Hey ladies be sure to check out Claire's blog today for ONE of many creations using the My Minds Eye Bloom and Grow Paper. This card is simply beautiful. I have had a sneak peak at some of her other creations and I am so impresses (not surprised)and cannot wait for you to see them. She will be posting a project everyday until she shows them all. Boy does she have a lot in store for you. Also, if you haven't checked at Marci's blog be sure to do so. She has some beautiful pages and cards as well. I am so blessed to have these ladies on my Design Team.

Claire's Card

Marci's Card

Both of these ladies created beautiful cards with the same paper from the kit.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Spinning.......My head is spinning.......

Okay, now that I have that song in your head too I will explain. My mom's wedding is in 20 days and she put ME in charge. So on top of working full time, opening the store, teaching classes, getting everything ready for taxes, I am now IN CHARGE of my mom's wedding. Here are her invites......

Very simple I know, but this is what she wanted. Thank you LISA for allowing me to borrow your embossing folder for the wedding bells (it is on its way back to you).

I ordered her flowers today (once again when I asked her what she wanted her reply was, "I don't care, whatever you think"). I order a bouquet of 7 Calla Lilly's for her (one for each of her 5 children and one for each of Ron's) and ordered my sister, the Matron of Honor, a single stem. I have all of the boutonnieres and corsages taken care of and the ferns ordered to put at the front of the church. I have been working on the center pieces for the tables at the reception, again, simple but elegant. I found a beautiful wedding cake and ordered it, (insert picture of my head spinning and spinning) and have the pianist and vocalist taken care of. Breathe Beverly, breathe!.

On the store front, I hope you have been checking out the designers blogs awaiting their post with the Bloom and Grow line from My Mind's Eye. The colors in this paper is so vibrant, just in time for Spring. Speaking of Spring colors check out this photo of all the Page Pebbles I just received.

The clear colored pebbles are $4.49/btl and the colored pearls are $4.99. Send me an email or leave a comment if you are interested in ordering these or anything that you see on the blog...(until the online store is done).

On to the next subject, I have had a couple of request for a pic of my hair cut that I mentioned in the previous post, so here goes.........

and last but not least.... Kelsey Forrester was at the store yesterday for a Basic Grey Page of the Month class and was early. She made the mistake of asking me is there was anything she could do....that's all it took ! My mom and future step-day called earlier that morning and ask me to make a Anniversary card in green for Ron's son and his wife. Their anniversary is on St. Patrick's Day. I immediately gave this assignment to Kelsey knowing how talented she is making cards. I happened to have my recently received shipment from PTI that contained last months release that I had yet to take home and unpack.....yes that is how busy I have been....we had another release before I ever unpacked the previous one. Needless to say Kelsey was excited to see the Damask Designs Stamp set and all the wonderful accessories in the box. Here is the beautiful card she made...

Thanks Kelsey - Mom and Ron loved the card !

I will be back tomorrow with some more photos including an Easter layout that Niki sent to me using some of the Cosmo Cricket as well as a few cards from the same line and some from My Mind's Eye.

Thanks for stopping by Precious Scraps, Bev

Sunday, March 15, 2009

WOW !!!

Wow is all I can think of when I look at Marci's creations with the Bloom and Grow Kit from My Minds Eye. I knew that I would be blown away by the ladies on my design team but to this extent......WOW ! Be sure to check out Marci's blog and see for yourself what I am talking about.

Bloom and Grow is available in a kits and as single pages and is highlighted in the post 2 post down, after the Grand Opening...

I will have more projects from the team as the week progresses so be sure to check back often. I will also be posting some photos of some of the new projects that recently arrived at the store.

Thanks for stopping by Precious Scraps, Bev

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Happy Birthday to ME !!!!

I have since, got my hair cut again. And, yes, OMG she's fat!(for all of those who have not ever seen a "full" photo of me lol)

That's right, it's my Birthday. I am PROUD to say I am 45 today. I consider it a blessing to wake up every morning so each day I grow a year old is good. So much has changed since last year at this time. WOW ! The store is going great. We have had good business but better than that I have met some of the nicest people. I have met some of those "lurkers" from PTI that I have encourage to "come out and play" as well as some local friends that I had no idea they shared the same passion as I. I have met ladies that have never scrap booked that spent an entire day with me on Friday working away in the classroom (and did some beautiful pages I must say)and have even started having some "regulars" all ready. I must say that I enjoy meeting everyone as much as I enjoy the store itself. I have been receiving boxes daily, one day I received 16 of 27 ! I just received 3 more last night and haven't had the opportunity to peak inside yet. I will tell all of you that if I don't have what you are looking for, let me know I will see what I can do. Of course, I can't always order everything (oh but I wish I could) but will do my best to meet everyone's needs. I am adding a Cross Stitch and Embroidery section to the store since I had several people request these material as I understand they are becoming more difficult to find.

The design team is hard at work and will be showing their creations with the My Mind's Eye Bloom and Grow line before long. Niki already showed a card for her High Hopes Challenge using some of the paper from this line. The paper kits are $ 8.99 each with the paper selling for $ .79 ea.and the accessory sheets for $1.99. Send me an email if your are interested in purchasing any of these items or others that you see on the blog. We are still working on the online store. I have ran into numerous roadblocks with this task but I am not giving up.

I will be back soon (I hope) with some photos of some of the new merchandise we have been receiving in the store. In the meantime, be sure to check out the design team blogs, they have all have some awesome post (I really like Nicole's post on organizing your scraps of left over paper). I am a little OCD when it comes to organization although if you could see me at this very moment you would not agree.

In closing, A friend of mine, Chrissi, has started a new blog, be sure to pop over and welcome her. Thanks for the birthday wishes Chrissi.

Thanks for checking in here at Precious Scraps. Bev