Saturday, May 30, 2009

WOW .........

Okay - I am officially overwhelmed now ! I am truly sorry for being "absent" so long. I am enormously busy these days....who knew how difficult this would be? Okay, I am sure many of you knew but I didn't. Super woman here, I thought it would be simple. I have been getting box after box of merchandise, been very sick, working full time at the dental office with several out sick or on vacation and preparing for classes. below is just a sneak peak at some of the merchandise received recently as well and the Sports and Bo Bunny sections being worked on.

These item have been put into inventory and priced and just waiting to be put up in the store.....when I rearrange again to make room. There is some new Cosmo Cricket (Early Bird, Girl Friday, and Happy Camper and some of the spinner cards; Basic Grey (some of the Lime Rickey and Wisteria has arrived; Cookbookin' (Gooseberry and Mom's Diner)...I must say I personally love the Mom's Diner products. We also received several boxes of Heidi Grace. I haven't unpacked these yet so I don't have a clear photo but here is a peek.....

We received the most adorable baby line from Reminisce as well as a Armed Forces Line. (Photos coming soon).

Oh, and let's not forget GLIMMER MIST is HERE ! Several of you have been waiting on this since National Scrapbook Day and it is finally arrived. We also received the large #10 Tags and the Tag Books. The tags with the ladies should be here by next Friday they tell me. The tags are from The American Tag Co. I am also expecting the antique bronze book rings that go so well with the vintage tags.

I have been so busy preparing for classes. We have a great line up for June. Everyone has been asking for summer classes so here you go. I added a Teen and Youth Class at your request so be sure to check out the schedule on the left hand side and call to reserve your spot.

Last but certainly not sure to check out the design teams blogs. They have been very busy with the recent boxes. Oh, and don't blame Niki for not posting because it is my fault, I haven't sent her her box yet. ( is coming your way on Monday).

So as I said, I am swamped at the store. Thanks for your patience. Oh, and thanks to all the customers who check the blog and stop by the store. The local support, and by local I mean if you are in driving distance, has been increadable. And, for all of you onlinr that order from me thank you as well. I appreciate you patience and your loyalty. I still have a lot to learn and a long way to go to get the store to the point that I want but with friends like all of you I know I will get there.

In closing...our community suffered a great loss over this on May 21st, two bothers were killed in an automobile accident and 2 young boys injured and well as a driver in another vehicle. One of the brothers was to graduate the following evening the other was a classmate of my son. This was a deep impact on our community and affected a lot of people. As I stood outside watching the funeral procession go by it brought back so many memories of loosing our own son Chad as well as an enormous feeling of gratitude that we still had Kyle. My greatest sympathy to this family and prayers for a speedy recovery to all others involved in this incident.

On a lighter note, my son, Kyle, turned 21 yesterday. Happy Birthday Kyle, I love you. And, my darling husband turned....... on Wednesday. Happy birthday to you. (Yes, I know you would be sooooo very upset had I posted you I am thankful everyday for the blessing bestowed upon me and for the people in my life. I encourage each of you to take the time to appreciate those in your life and make sure they always know how much you love them.

As always, thanks for stopping by Precious Scraps, Bev

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Check out Design Team Member Claire..............

Today is all about my dear friend Claire, a.k.a. Waltzing Mouse. I insist that you jump on over to her blog to see her brand new release of her very own stamp line called "WalzingMouse Stamps". Claire has dreamed of designing for another stamp company for quite some time now and it just hasn't happened so her dear husband to her designs that she had been submitting and had some sample sets made. These stamps are truly remarkable. She will be selling the stamp sets from her blog (hopefully, later she will allow me the honor of selling them in my retail store...wink wink) and the release is today. Be sure, I insist, that you click on this link and visit Claire and tell her how wonderful you think her stamps are. I know you will want them just as I do. Congratulations Claire, I could not have picked a more deserving person than you for this venture. I wish you the very best. Love and Blessings.