Monday, January 25, 2010


I want to begin by saying Thank You to everyone for your well wishes regarding the loss of our beloved pet Fred.  Everyone's thoughtfulness is greatly appreciated. It amazing how little it takes for your pet to become a part of your family.  We miss him as does our other dog Zeke.  He still cries for him but it is getting a little better.

We have been busy in the store creating samples of some of the KaiserCraft Beyond the Page items we currently have in stock.  These projects are so much fun.  Thanks to Tammey, Denise, Jordan and Wanda for helping me create these beautiful samples.  If you haven't had a chance to stop in the store and see them up close you really should try to do so.

This is the butterfly book that Denise made......

Here is a cute little Heart book for Valentine's Day.......

I love this quote from Dr. Seuss on the back..........
"When you are in love you can't fall asleep because reality is better than your dreams."

Here is another cute little book from Denise....

One more......this is a Tab book made by Tammey (A Book of Quotes)


Hey -- WAKE UP !!  Just kidding, I have one more project to show you and I will let you off the hook.....for today.

This is a candle I made for my dear friend Brittney.  This is her first ultrasound of her baby (not sure if it's a boy or girl yet).  The sentiment stamp is from PaperTrey Ink's Bitty Baby Blessing stamp set.
Congrat's Brittney and Tommy : )

Thanks for being so patient and hanging in there so long with me.  I have so much to get caught up on.  I am also posting the February Class schedule so be sure to check it out on the left hand side of the blog.  We are coming up on our ONE YEAR Anniversary at Precious Scraps for the store and are in the process of planning so BIG things for the day.  Again, thanks for stopping by Precious Scraps.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My beloved Fred.....

March 18, 1995 - January 12, 2010
Fred Jr.

My beloved Fred died this morning.  He was basset-beagle mix who was almost 15 years old.  This just breaks my heart.  He was the last of my dad's dogs and it feels like loosing a part of my dad all over again.  He's been sick for about 2 weeks, not eating and very little activity  We have been babying him like crazy...I even fixed him gravy and biscuits (his favorite) several times and he wouldn't eat that.  We knew his time was near.  He has been such a very special part of our family.  My dad brought Fred and his sister over to us 15 years ago and asked Larry and I to watch them for a few weeks until he could find them a good home...yeah right.   Miss Priss, his sister died about 8 years ago, just after my father passed away.  I was consoled by having Fred after loosing my father...I still had a part of something important to him, a living reminder.  Now Fred is gone.  He was a par of out family for so long and we will miss him greatly.  His friend Zeke is already missing him and looking everywhere for him.  I know Zeke's heart is just as broken as ours.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year and Happy New Beginnings.........

Happy New Year everyone!  Yes, I'm still here.  The holidays have been so hectic.  I actually did not do any Christmas shopping until the 23rd!  YIKES, I was in a panic.  I just simply had not had the time to do it before then.  Lucky for me my list was short.  The weekend before, the 18th,  Larry and I took a quick trip up to Plymouth, Indiana to The Memory Zone Scrapbook store.  They went out of business on the 15th after 9 years of business.  I know it was difficult for the owners as well as the customers to see this store close.  We bought a trailer load of paper racks and acrylic paper trays.  We got to see the our first snow of the season while traveling north which was beautiful.  They had about 2-3 inches on the ground by time we headed back.  Larry and I laughed because that would have closed the schools and business here in Tennessee but up North life goes on.

After returning from Indiana we had several Christmas Parties to attend as well as getting ready for the holidays. My son, Kyle, got to come home for Christmas which was the only gift I needed.  We spent a wonderful day with family and friends.

This is my nephew's wife, Valerie, (ME), my oldest sister Peggy,
my great-niece Brook, my mom Betty, and my great-nephew Trent.

My wonderful husband Larry and I

I love this picture of my sister Peggy and Brook.
There is just something about it that tugs at my heart.

Last one I promise.  Larry, myself and my son Kyle.
He finally took a step from behind the camera for one quick shot.

We had a wonderful Christmas and hope that you did as well.  Oh, in case you are wondering......  Larry bought me a beautiful set of pearls, earrings and necklace, that I have been asking for for years.  I have a set that belonged to my great-grandmother but the clasp is broken and I couldn't part with them to send them off for repair.  My new set is beautiful and one that I hope to pass down one day to a grand-daughter. Kyle just laughed when I told him this.....  Kyle bought me a gift card to Starbucks, YUM YUM.

We've been busy around the store lately.  We finally installed our fence with the help of a family friend and my husbands cousin Mike.....thanks guys.

Sorry the photo is a little blurry...... 
You can see the edge of the flower bed we landscaped as well. 
We hope to put the plants and shrubs in in March or April. 

Larry also repaired and refinished an antique bench for the front porch of the store.

Larry had this bench long before we met and had been in the barn for years.  I used to go to the loft when we were dating and see all the chickens roosting on it and wanted it so bad.  I initially wanted it on my front porch at my house but it was too long.  When we started the store, I insisted on having it on the front porch.  The center leg was broken and had to be re-fabricated (thanks Jimmy) and the entire bench sanded down (thanks to the chickens) and stained.  I think it turned out beautifully and sits so comfortable.

Here are a few of the projects from the store lately......

The calendar was made by my dear friend LaDonna.  It is from K&Co.  She wanted to somehow put cards with it for her mother to use when birthdays role around.  I got out some chipboard and fashioned this box and covered it.  It worked out well I thought.  I hope her mother appreciated all the effort that LaDonna put into this gift.


My friend Faith took out beginners frame class and made this frame for her daughter Mary Frances.  I think it turned out beautiful and Mary loved it.  The Believe word book is from Bo Bunny and was taught in one of our altered medium classes.  I hope that if you are local, you can stop in and join us for a class sometime.

Well, I think this is long enough for now.  Be sure to check out the class schedule for January.  I want to thank everyone for a wonderful year in 2009 at Precious Scraps and hope that we have another one in 2010.  I have set several goals for myself and for the store for 2010.  Each one with the end result of making life simpler and more enjoyable for you and for me.  As always, thanks for stopping in Precious Scraps. Love ya, BEV